We have built this community based on the respect and professionalism of each and every team member that volunteered to help make this project succeed. Our multi-cultured team shown that Penya Barcelonista de Beirut is home to every Lebanese cule.


Not only are our team members passionate about FC Barcelona, but they are also motivated personnel who believe in collecting the fruits of their perseverance and hard work. No one can sustain the level of hard work in this family unless he/she is fully motivated, for without motivation, dedication, and perseverance, we would not have climbed mountains and moved rocks.


Our goals have been clear since day one, and our standards keep getting higher. Penya Barcelonista de Beirut competes with nothing and no one but itself, and our members are keen on chasing the dreams of this family.


Whoever works with Penya Barcelonista de Beirut word for Penya Barcelonista de Beirut. We do not opt for personal credit nor personal benefits. Out main purpose is to lift the name of our Penya and our beloved club higher.


Football has never been a one-man sport, and our Penya will never be a one-man fan club. Nothing would have been achieved without the collective work of our members who have showcased their expertise in delivering the highest level of collaboration, took their responsibilities very seriously, and fulfilled with wide smiles on their faces.

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Join our CLUB!

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