In response to the demand from Barça supporters and fans in Lebanon who wish to become Penya members.

What advantages does a cardholder have?

  • You will enjoy 5 % to 20% discount on special occasions on all products you buy from FCB.
  • You will enjoy 15% discount on stadium tour at Camp Nou.
  • You will have the right to vote and run for positions in the Penya or participate in consultative processes or at General Assembly
  • You will have preferential rights in the purchase of tickets either allocated to the Penya, and will you be able to participate in draws for tickets for finals
  • One Copa del Rey free game access per year.

What are the local benefits?

  • 5% discount at ArtCool (Air-conditioning & Ventilation).
  • 5% discount at Illusion Salon (For Men).
  • 5 -10% discount at Super Sign (Printing & Advertising, Tyre).
  • 10% discount at Blue Jeans (Saleem Slem).
  • 10% discount at FlyFoot.
  • 10% discount at Sportive (Sportswear Sale).
  • 10% discount at Football Shop.
  • 10% discount at “Dr. Ahmad Iskandarani” (Dentist, Ramle Bayda).
  • 10% discount at Tabliyet Massaad (Tyre).
  • 15% discount at Clasico (Football Court).
  • 15% discount at Fantasy Rest (Airport Road).
  • 15% discount at Jana Café (Tyre).
  • 15% discount at Elio Cloths (Tyre).
  • 15% discount at Majd Sports Club (Tyre).
  • 20% discount at Lego Shop.
  • 20% discount at Giant Shop (Bikes Sales Shop).
  • 20% discount at GadgiSport (Football Gadgets & Accessories, Online).
  • 20% discount at Ezzedine Printings (Abbasieh).
  • 30% discount at Petit café (Downtown & Raouche).
  • 30% discount at Al Karim Laboratory (Tyre).
  • Beirut By Bike: 5,000 LBP instead of 7,000 LBP (Bike Rental).
  • 2% and 10% Cash back on some hotels – 2% Cash back on all hotels.
  • Champs: Corporate Package (Fitness Gym).
  • Global Institute: 40% discount on English courses & 20% discount on other courses and specialties.

  • Priority over Non members in Gatherings seating
  • Priority Over Non Members to attend the Mini Football games
  • Priority over Non Members to play with the team (If Qualified)
  • Priority over Non Members to participate in Penya Competitions (Online and during gatherings)
  • A draw will take place at the end of every season for all members. A valuable gift will be offered.

Card info

Applications are currently only accepted online on the Penya official website.

How can I apply for a card?

Applications are currently only accepted online on the Penya official website.


Every year, the holder of the card must perform the renewal process in person or online

How does an Official Penya card look like?

Official FCBarcelona Letter